Lincoln Theme 1.4 Release & New Feature!

Lincoln Theme 1.4 Release & New Feature!

Happy December 16th! I’m sure you didn’t know that today was going to be such an exciting day when you woke up (unless you are Lunartheme junkie of course). Because Lincoln WordPress Theme 1.4 was dropped today and it comes with a totally new and supercharged feature. Curious on what it’s going to be? So let’s take a look!

Some customers questioned us on why Lincoln Theme does not have a Learning System Management at the beginning though it is a necessary feature for every education theme. We know that because we have conceived this idea for a very long time before Lincoln came to life. But we also believe learning management systems only works at its fullest potential when the theme has perfect core features. That’s why we spent months to finetune all the theme features and choose the best and most suitable learning management system for Lincoln WordPress Theme. This popular plugin called LearnDash can be seen as the most powerful and intuitive one that now we take pride in and are really excited to introduce to you.

Why we choose LearnDash?

Choosing a learning management system for online courses is an extremely important decision. As a theme developer, we care about our products’ quality. That’s why we want to find something that is both intuitive and offers the learners a pleasant experience. We choose LearnDash as Learning management system for Lincoln with one reason: This is the most amazing plugin providing to be exactly what we was looking for: easy to install, learn, and implement.

Building an online course has never been an easy task. You need to break it into lessons, topics, quizzes, badges, certificates, categories and many more in order to provide a completed multi-tier course for learners. We experience LearnDash, and we believe it is a perfect solution for your online COURSE.


LearnDash Integrated – What Lincoln will have?

Lincoln has been tested extensively to ensure that it works seamlessly with LearnDash. The theme incorporates custom styling for LearnDash components to give the most appealing look for website. Lincoln also provides custom sidebars, LearnDash options in Theme Options, user profile template for purchasers to help manage online course better.




With LearnDash integrated, creating an online course would never been easier for even non-wordpress users. Using Lincoln with this powerful LMS, you can be able to create courses, add lessons, topics, and even quizzes and questions into courses with ease, let alone selling course via Paypal and WooCommerce. Check out LearnDash official main site to have more detailed information. You can also access to our demo to experience all.

We can ensure that our Lincoln WordPress Theme is now feature-rich but still very easy to use. Besides some main features such as Event & Ticket Selling, Event Calendar, Course enrollment & payment, WooCommerce integrated, etc, we hope that this new yet powerful feature for online course will take Lincoln into a whole new level.


Purchase another $99 for the plugin but it’s all worth it!!

This is a premium plugin which is required to be purchased separately and we DONOT include this in our Lincoln theme. The basic package is $99 and includes an unlimited license with 1-year support. However, with this powerful learning management system, you can create learning management system for your own as it provide perfect and complete solution for online courses. LearnDash is a choice that you’ll never regret!


More New Stuff to Love

We don’t mean to brag but Lincoln is a result of extensive study on countless actual websites of educational institutions and their requirements. After researching tirelessly, we decided to use LearnDash – the most popular plugins – for our learning management system of Lincoln Education WordPress Theme with the hope of strengthening up our theme and satisfying all the customer’s experiences. We ensure that the update will not just stop here. We will continuously try to improve our product at all times of all days. After LearnDash compatible, our reveal will be one more powerful feature which begins making your website a more social place.

Wrapping Up

To Lincoln purchasers, we want to send the warmest thank to all of you for being so supportive with our products in general and Lincoln WordPress theme in particular. For those who still hesitate to purchase our theme, this will be your perfect time to put a new coat on your website. Ready to unwrap your gift? Check it out!


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